About Us


“Our goal is to create a united dry cleaning industry, to educate
and to inform our members and the consumers”

The Southern California Cleaners Association (SoCal Cleaners Association), formerly Greater Los Angeles Drycleaners Association (GLADCA), is the oldest local dry cleaners association in the State of California. Founded in the early 60s, GLADCA strived to bring the latest education and a network among dry cleaners in the Los Angeles area. Members included not only dry cleaners from all of the Southern California area but also from the Allied Trade industries.

At one time, there were 7 local cleaners associations throughout the State. Over the years, the Associations disbanded leaving only 2: Greater Los Angeles Dry Cleaners Association and Peninsula Dry Cleaners Association. The PDCA covers Northern California. In 2007, the Board of Directors voted to broaden an educational outreach to the entire Southern California. Hence the Southern California Cleaners Association. Our members reach from San Diego to Central California.


Originally the Cleaners and Dyers Guild, a union labor negotiating organization, evolved beyond its original purpose into GLADCA (Greater Los Angeles Dry Cleaners Association) to broaden the education for the membership.

With the demise of the Harbor Dry Cleaners Association and San Diego Drycleaners Association there was a need to reach out beyond the Los Angeles area. In 2007 the Board of Directors voted to broaden our educational outreach to entire Southern California.



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